HUD Enforcement Management System (HEMS)-enhancing its capability to track and manage housing discrimination effectively. By introducing advanced technologies like a cloud-based grants management system and a comprehensive data visualization tool, they are setting new standards for operational efficiency and compliance in HUD’s mission to ensure fair housing.


Supports HUD by monitoring the Geocoding Service Center (GSC) system. This includes overseeing the operational status of the system to ensure it remains functional during critical operating hours, handling after-hours processing, and ensuring all functionalities such as reporting and data transactions are current and efficient. The monitoring also involves troubleshooting and resolving issues to minimize service disruptions and maintain consistent, quality data outputs for HUD’s various program areas.

Air Force A2/6 ICE:

Provides specialized expertise to support the Headquarters United States Air Force (HAF) A2/6 and A3C Directorate in Cyber Effects Operations, focusing on innovation and enhancement of technical competence in cyberspace defense, exploitation, and operations, while maintaining communications superiority and cyber warfare operations dominance. We also provide strategic vision, policy, guidance, and resource advocacy for the integration of cyberspace warfare capabilities into the joint fight, ensuring the AF maintains visibility into funding and operational impacts to advocate effectively during decision-making processes.

United States Air Force Academy:

Expertly manages comprehensive cloud services and IT’ support for the United States Air Force Academy, ensuring seamless operations and security for approximately 7,000 users. Through robust management of Microsoft Azure, Exchange Online, and advanced security measures, NETS enhances the Academy’s technological infrastructure, providing continuous operational support and ensuring system integrity around the clock.


Manages the Team Awareness Kit (TAK) for the United States Secret Service, ensuring robust and secure communications across federal law enforcement activities. Our experts, Including a dedicated TAK Subject Matter Expert and Systems Administrator/Engineer, specialize in seamless system integrations, updates, and security enhancements to support mission-critical operations effectively.


Support for secure web browsing platform Garrison, which provides hardware and software to give users a virtual browsing experience, while substantially reducing the possibility of infecting or compromising user hardware and resident data.